Anicka Yi, some thoughts, The Absorption, etc

2019 was a distraction of a year but I'm here and I'm letting myself look into art as a field again and not just as a thing I do (it's a long story-I was convinced getting an MFA/acknowledging the “”art world”” was in some way morally reprehensible--it is but this time I don't care)

And of course the first person I check up on is Anicka Yi, who, as always, looks great and is saying great things...thinking about great things…

Anyhow, listening to some newer interviews has me thinking all over again of ideas I haven't paid much mind to in Quite A Minute. I've put myself more on a track of exploring questions and ideas through narratives with some conception of the way memory works as an important device along the way, as well as close attention and some semblance of discovery or newness, differentness, freshness even, mutation??? Novelty feels maybe too extreme a word but sure, yeah.

But I'm reminded I can explore things in ways outside of being necessarily personal. I've been attached to figuring out my own brain thru creative endeavors but I'm at a point now where I'm remembering there is a world out there and I have the capacity--ok, not just the capacity, but now the excitement and resolve to exist in it and start rolling some tiny dirtball of action to eventually Cause some Effects if u catch my drift.

I have eras for sure, I'm over my weird accidentally populist moral high-ground thing that I absorbed from other people and fucked up my internal radar of Things, and the new era is finally finishing up being in mourning and in thought and finding morsels of past to bring along and is ready to Act and React and Help and Form.

On a side note, (making sure I don't go ham sidestepping the fact that my Mania Season is fast approaching and cutting my romanticizing of it short), I also have been thinking about collaboration. I always think about collaboration but it's something I've purposely-accidentally set just outside my reach for a long time. But before The Absorption (2019, some of 2018), I really liked involving ppl w my creative endeavors, whether it was just discussion, going to art galleries w people who otherwise wouldn't, having an idea for a group project that usually never came to fruition, open questions on social media--I've always dreamed for some sort of communal pool of ppl that would at least humor me to think about art or approach me with their own ideas, some back n forth brain-language movement. And talking to ppl about art who don't often think or care about Art Proper(?) is pretty fun and rewarding...refreshing. Hearing Anicka Yi talk about her team and how high she holds collaboration as a tool and thing-that-brings-good-things has reminded me of my own desire for it. The more I think about potential ideas, the more excited I get. I'm working on a video project now that my friend Jordan did the music for, which is very exciting for me !!! But I'm thinking now (in typical fashion, before I've finished the projects at hand) about a collaborative website project w a good chunk of ppl I like who I think haven't really used The Web as a medium before, and see what we come up with… maybe we can make a million assets (im hoping to get musicians, artists, ppl interested in games, anyone etc etc) and assemble them into some sort of something, a narrative, a feeling, a stretched out memory, either together or as everyone being the provider and me being the assembler, or maybe someone else can be the assembler, or we can take turns... yeah. We’ll see!

Anyway I'll leave it at that. See ya see ya

a PS-

someone plz ask her what books she likes before I get the confidence to just ask her myself in an email



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