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mixed feelings about having mixed feelings about going back to school

I'm really unsure of what to do.The dynamics of social interaction and the increasingly smaller and smaller amount of ways a person can 'be' without 'being' something they may or may not 'be' stresses me out. I just wanna be around ppl with fuckbrain but my buds r far away and got shit to do and everyone has shit to do. If i use ne word im gonna be a this or a that--things are so much more strategized than i care for them to be... i played the game for a good minute and im outtie now but i can't help but wonder if me wanting to go back to school is just an inner need to be liked and understood and spoken to in a way that garners a base level of respect and awareness of general futility and also cutieness. is it just me wanting to try being a person again?I tell myself it's because I need a job and I don't wanna b a pizza guy forever and i like teaching and helping ppl give everything the finger but r the people that need help w that gonna be pe…

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