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Review 4... november? december? I forgot how i do these

 Welp. The funniest part of this is that I still haven't finished dhalgren. I went all the way to the last chapter and I've just been letting it sit there. Haven't touched it in prolly over a month. But! I did finish Dorohedoro! So that's gonna be our review for right now. Here's my review: I'm tired and trying to get a diagnosis on whatever-the-fuck-is-up-with-me (hint: I'm 90% sure it's autism)  Oops that's not a review! What the fuck! I'll say this. The whole last like... 30-60 chapters of it were actually exhausting to go through. That might not necessarily be the manga's fault but there it is. And for some reason the endless plot twists were getting on my nerves. Usually I enjoy that sort of thing because it's funny and ridiculous but it just felt like... running a race and being dragged a mile to the end by like 10 people who are all also tired and you're all just falling over eachother and dragging your feet and hyperventilatin

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