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Book Review for October 2020 (Heavenly Breakfast by Samuel R Delany)

 Alright, so this month I only really finished one book, which was Samuel Delany's 'The Heavenly Breakfast'. I mean to also finish dhalgren this month, and I was close, but no rebar. cigar. of course. To make up for that, not that I'm intending to finish books in some sort of quota format, I'm prolly gonna throw in some other shit, maybe sprinkle in a few movies. We'll see what I feel like. The Heavenly Breakfast- Samuel R. Delany The name of this book is sort of funny, and it's even funnier when you realize it was the name of a band, but here we are. It was a really quick read, I think I finished it in two or three sittings because the vignettes were fairly short and easily digestible, and of course the language was pretty conversational. I went into this book on a whim wondering if I would find some connections to dhalgren in experiences or thinking or whatever. I will say I don't often look into interviews that are not available in video form for x, y

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